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I was born in Zurich, Switzerland.

Immigrated to Israel with my parents as a baby.

Grown up and educated in the city of Rishon Letzion.

Served in the army as a medic - for a period of 3 years.

Married + 4 children + 8 granddaughters.

Have had a couple of careers in Insurance and Travel industries.

Now I own my own business, and I enjoy a lot the fact there is no boss "behind my shoulder".

I am a peace activist who believes peace is the best and the ONLY measure of security!

I also believe in equality and human rights.

My main hobbies are:

Internet + email.

Cellular phones.

Friends from all over the world.

Poetry writing.

Request for Info   / Marvin Gisser (UNK)
ChanochShalom. Came across your website while doing some family research. Your name, Chanoch, is the same as that of my father who passed away many years ago. Last name obviously the same.I've not come across any Gissers originally from Switzerland, ...  Continue >>
Greetings  / Alice Faye (iPeace friend )
Was just checking out your web page
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